Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Creating the Floor You Want

When shopping for the floor you want there seems to be a plethora of factors to consider! Wood Species,Grade, Widths, Lengths, Color,Stain, Texture, Finishes .... Where do you begin???

Browsing wood floors at the big box stores, you may see a thing or two you like, but again the color you want may not be available in the grade or width you desire.

A new floor impacts everything else in the room - so why not get the floor you want??? And KNOW what its going to look like BEFORE it's installed!

The Adirondack Wood Floor Co. brings years of experience and creativity to our sampling process. We can help you think of things that you haven't dreamt of that create the perfect accents to your new wood floor.

Just recently we were samplings a wide plank hickory floor (our Eagles Nest Engineered Wood Floor brand). We were Creating a special color for the floor to accent some new kitchen cabinets. Our creative wood floor expert was able to recommend a coat of black varnish to saturate some of the wood grain as part of the process which brought out the character of the wood and complemented the cabinets in an outstanding way!

So weather you are looking for a rustic cabin feel or a modern polished floor, let us get you "out of the box" and walk you through the sampling process to create the exact look and feel for your new wood floor. With custom made samples from start to finish

If you can dream it we can do it!

Hand Made from scratch in New York State with Adirondack Hardwoods.

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