Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Great Camps Collection - a 100 year Floor

One of the first decisions when choosing a hardwood floor is weather to buy an Engineered plank or a solid wood plank.

Engineered Hardwood Floors are more stable and versatile than a solid plank wood floor or a laminate. They are more resistant to humidity and moisture which makes them perfect for an area where dampness occurs such as a basement or radiant heating situation that might cause a solid hard wood floor to dry-out, shrink, cup or buckle.

Engineered hardwood Floors will expand and contract with moisture because the optimal 4.5 mm wear layer is attached to either an 11ply or a 9 Ply CARB rated plywood (depending on thickness).

The key to our 100 Year Floor is the 4.5 mm wear layer

Some of the most beautiful wood floors in the world are the old Victorian wood floors you see in older homes from the turn of the century.

Our 4.5 mm wear layer creates this classic look, and allows 4 sandings creating the optimal wear thickness while creating a structural sound and stable floor!

If the wear layer was any thicker it would overcome the plywood and create the possibility of cupping and bowing.

If the wear layer was any thinner the floor would have less life and would need to be replaced before the 100 year mark!

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